Zija Miracle Tea

Tea  Description:

Traditional eastern and western herbs. Aids in digestive cleansing and acts as a natural fat metabolizer, diuretic and appetite-suppressor.

This premium formula is a mild and versatile product that is both nutritious and delicious!

Zija® Miracle Tea is also an important element of the Zija® Weight Management System.

Miracle Tea helps assist the body in removing toxins and impurities that build up in our bodies. It also assists in removing cellular debris from the burning the fat in our bodies.

Recommended use:

Below are the recommendations on how to drink the Zija® Miracle Tea:

If you are 25 pounds or less overweight, steep tea in 6 ounces of boiling water for 5 minutes, let it cool to drinking temperature and drink just prior to going to sleep at night. Only drink one serving every 3 days.

If you are between 25-35 pounds overweight, steep tea in 6 ounces of boiling water for 5 minutes, let it cool to drinking temperature and drink just prior to going to sleep at night. Drink one serving every other night.

If you are over 45 pounds overweight, then steep the tea in 6 ounces of boiling water for 5 minutes, let it cool to drinking temperature and drink just prior to going to sleep at night. Drink one serving every evening.

Senna Leaf - This ingredient is often used to treat constipation caused by conditions such as slowing of the intestines, use of constipating medications (e.g., narcotics), or irritable bowel syndrome. Senna leaf help to increase the activity of the intestines to move stool out faster.

Peppermint is more than just a candy flavor. This herb promotes healthy digestion by soothing and comforting the stomach.

Peppermint is considered a general stimulant, cleansing and strengthening the entire body. Recent research has highlighted this herb as an aid for the bowels.

Naturopaths have long used Stevia to regulate blood sugar levels. Stevia users have also reported lower incidence of colds and flu. The herb can aid in weight loss by reducing appetite and can be used to suppress cravings for alcohol and tobacco. This is because Stevia leaf contains many vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and C, rutin, zinc, iron and magnesium.

Orange Peel - It is used in traditional Chinese Medicine to "reduce accumulation," whether gas in the intestine, pressure from cramping, stool in the bowels, phlegm in the lungs and throat, or "too much blood energy" resulting in high blood pressure.

The German Commission E also lists orange peel for treating poor digestion due to hypo-acidity.

Rose Hips are extremely high in vitamin C (ascorbic acid), have some beta carotene (plant form of Vitamin A), bioflavinoids, and considerable pectin -- soluble form of fiber, which helps to prevent intestinal cancers. lowers saturated fats and triglycerides, helps to control blood pressure and good for the heart.

Marshmallow Root/Leaf - Traditionally used to soothe and support the intestines. It is an old time remedy for bladder infection, digestive upsets, fluid retention, intestinal disorders, kidney problems, sinusitis and sore throat. Marshmallow is a natural source of beta-carotene, amino acids, minerals and vitamins and is often used as a filler in the compounding of pills. Marshmallow also contains large amounts of vitamin A, calcium, zinc and significant amounts of iron, sodium, iodine and B-complex vitamins. Marshmallow reduces inflammation and has a calming effect on the body. **taking Marshmallow and iron together may reduce the absorption of the iron.

Here's what just a few people had to say about their weight loss experience

E Caps from Alabama Lost 51 lbs.

The XM3 Weight Management System has absolutely changed my life!

I started using the ENTIRE system in SEPTEMBER, and have gone from a 38 waist to a 32. My shirt size has gone from XXL to L. My energy is through the roof, and EVERYONE notices!!!

The results speak for themselves and EVERYONE wants to know how I do it!

Not ONLY have I lost weight, but the other things that I am experiencing from ingesting the MORINGA OLEIFERA everyday are equally as incredible! My joint pains are gone! My Blood Pressure is down! I sleep better at nights! I have no more digestive problems! I have no more acid reflux problems, and the list goes on! I think we get so hung up on the opportunity to finally lose weight, that we over look the POWER of MORINGA OLEIFERA!

My Daily XM3 System Regimen

1 Smart Mix when I awake!
1 to 2 XM3 Capsule per day, depending on how LOOOOOng my day will be!
1 cup of Miracle Tea 3 to 4 nights a week!
L. Livingston from Georgia Lost 45 lbs.

My name is Lena Livingston.

I have been trying to lose weight for the last 11 years with little to no success.

I have had personal trainers, I have used every weight loss supplement that you can imagine including dangerous prescription drugs that are now banned, and I never lost over 5 to 10 lbs.

I was recently introduced to the Zija XM3 Weight Management System and I have lost a total of 45lbs - without exercise! Zija's XM3 Caps along with the Zija Smart Mix and Miracle Tea are truly amazing! This is all based on sound science. I recommend it to everyone interested in total health and nutrition

M. Pancoe, Athlete from Ohio Lost 5 Lbs.

By training every week with the XM3 Drink I was able to cut more than 10 minutes off my Half Marathon time personal record time (13.1 miles). I highly encourage all athletes and anyone needing an extra boost of energy and Moringa in their lives to try these great products.

My Method of Training with Zija & XM3

Zija Smart Mix prior to running / workout
1 oz XM3 Drink every 2-3 miles
1 oz XM3 Drink after workout
Plenty of healthy and organic foods, water and stretching
Zija's Miracle Tea before Bedtime!
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  1. I enjoy drinking Zija & the way it makes me feel with all of the nutrients. Unfortunately, it's so expensive. Does anyone know of any similar, preferably cheaper, products?


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